MD/PhD student, The Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience

Research Interests



B.S.    Yale University

M.S.    Yale University


Selected Publications

Larson, V.A., Zhang, Y., and Bergles, D.E. (2016). Electrophysiological properties of NG2(+) cells: Matching physiological studies with gene expression profiles. Brain Res. 1638, 138–160.

Pathania, M., Torres-Reveron, J., Yan, L., Kimura, T., Lin, T. V, Gordon, V., Teng, Z.-Q., Zhao, X., Fulga, T.A., Van Vactor, D., et al. (2012). miR-132 enhances dendritic morphogenesis, spine density, synaptic integration, and survival of newborn olfactory bulb neurons. PLoS One 7, e38174.

Platel, J.-C., Dave, K.A., Gordon, V., Lacar, B., Rubio, M.E., and Bordey, A. (2010). NMDA receptors activated by subventricular zone astrocytic glutamate are critical for neuroblast survival prior to entering a synaptic network. Neuron 65, 859–872.

Platel, J.-C., Gordon, V., Heintz, T., and Bordey, A. (2009). GFAP-GFP neural progenitors are antigenically homogeneous and anchored in their enclosed mosaic niche. Glia 57, 66–78.

Platel, J.-C., Heintz, T., Young, S., Gordon, V., and Bordey, A. (2008). Tonic activation of GLUK5 kainate receptors decreases neuroblast migration in whole-mounts of the subventricular zone. J. Physiol. 586, 3783–3793.



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